Positive Thinking & Self Believe

positive thinking

Everyone wants to think positive, I have never met a person who wants to think negative but still majority of people thinks negatively. So what the reason and how to change it and go to positive side of thinking by leaving the negative thinking. I am going to share some of it based on my readings of different books and experience hope it helps somebody . I learned these things by bumping into things but I want others interested to get it straight.

I will discuss some key points to positive thinking below are few.

1. Power of Positive Thinking

The first thing in positive thinking is to believe in yourself. Well how you expect others to believe you if you don’t believe in yourself. Have confidence in your abilities and then only your mind will start to listen to you. All the people in the world who have been successful were human beings like you and if they were able to achieve something God has blessed you with everything , trust and you can achieve.
I will share one incident from a WAR, Once a general was afraid of the size of the enemy and he was frightened and the Napoleon spotted it. He went to this general and after placing his hand on his shoulder said

General never take council of your fears

I believe that’s the key phrase to remember. We think negative due to fears , we try to see all the hurdles why something cannot be done, what are the problems we cannot solve. Only if we defy the fear of failure by thinking the other side of the picture and focus on what we can achieve our mind starts to think of different ways of getting that done.
We have read this several time

Man can alter their fate by altering the attitude of their mind

. This is really a powerful statement. What I have discovered is that we read a lot but don’t try to chew or understand what’s inside message. Someone said people can be as much happy as they can think. So we must be happy at what we have and be thankful to God. I have also found that happiness only comes for being thankful to God for what you have and what you will get. Always remember God is there, where is love and happiness is always around the corner.

2. Peace of Mind

Second important thing that can help in positive thinking is the peace of mind. You have to be transformed by your mind. Try to empty your mind and you can do this by going to a quite place and clearing all the negative emotions of hate, bad feelings and resentment for anyone that might have hurt you. Someone said

“Silence is the element where great things fashion together”

Try to repeat beautiful & positive words and this will have very strong positive affect on your mind.
Let nothing disturb you let nothing frustrate you as everything passes by. Good times pass and bad one as well goes away be patient in hard times and trust in God. He is transforming you to be something good by going through some pain. Try to stimulate creative ideas from your mind. All the substance you need is there. Use this formula.
Prayerise : Pray for what you want, Pray should be as hard as you want it.
Picturize: Picture yourself actually getting that thing.
Actualize: This is the last step once you have done the first two steps give your full effort to achieve it.

3. Achieving you goal
You will achieve your goal with the magic of believe, if you expect the best, you will have the best and if you expect the worse you will have it. Change your mind from dis-belief to belief. The rough is only in mind, if you believe of achieving something you shall be given.
Ask and you will have it.
Knock and it will be opened.
Seek and you will have it.

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