Focus on whats coming

28 May

Our life is beautiful but sometimes hard days do come. we should be thankful & humble for the day whats in our favor and stay tall when it is not.

If the past has been hard it doesn’t mean that our future is not bright. we have to stay hopeful as God has always given us what is best for us and if we stay thankful its going to multiply.

Good morning and Have a nice day….:)

Don’t wish it was easier , wish you were better

26 May 16


I am starting today’s post by the quote of Jim Rohn. “Dont wish it was easier , wish you were better”.

Usually when we start a new job, new activity, new business, new venture or a new relationship it is very hard. As they say every master was once a beginner. we feel hard in each and every step. there are two ways to cope with it either you forget everything and run or you face everything and be strong.

Usually the people leave their part and run as this is the easy part. Its always easy to leave something. The hard part is to persist with difficult situations and stand tall, come out victorious from challenges.Each difficult things make you strong. you become a strong person.

Wish a wonderful day…….


5 steps to achieve your goal

24th May

Everything starts with ambition, you think of something, you dream of something and then it starts.

  1. The first step of everything is to dream about it.

  2. Then you write it down as a goal.

  3. Third step is write it in a visible place so it is in front of your eyes.

  4. Fourth step is to  make a plan to achieve it.

  5. Fifth step is follow the plan and gradually monitor it so your dream becomes reality.

    These five steps , just follow and get your dreams turn into reality.

Success in Baby Steps


Success is achieved through Hard work and discipline. If you want to succeed you need to work hard. you will rarely find a successful person with an easy past. so by simply saying you need to do step step to achieve success. always set a goal and make baby steps to achieve the goal.

Guard your innerself

What we think affects everything around us. It affects our moods, our attitude and our work. So keep yourself in company of motivated people don’t let any negative thought enter inside.
Jim Ron once said, it doesn’t matter from where you get the negative thought , it will affect your inner side. An analogy he gave was that if you have coffee and one of your friend puts sugar in it, you will be fine. Same way if your worst enemy puts sugar you will b fine. But if your friend puts poison in it, you will be dead and if your enemy puts poison you will be dead.  So guard your coffee. This is an analogy for protecting your thoughts.





We might not know what has God written for us but the good thing happens if we expect good, something good is going to happen.  Keep all the hopes high and life is beautiful . It will bring wonderful things to you.

our mind adopts to what we think and believe. I will Quote the famous “what human mind can believe, It can find the ways to conceive”.