Level 5 Leadership

My Lecture on Level 5 leadership

Thank everyone you meet

10 July

Life gives us chance to meet a lot of people. some are really inspiring and have positive impact on our life, some are toxic and have negative impact on our life . The pole who are inspiring give us really good feel. they raise our motivation and make us persue new things that really change our life.

On the other we will also meet some people who will criticize us even for doing things right but this is the real test. Everyone can walk on the smooth road but perfect dirvers are produced by bumpy roads. so we need to thank both type of person positive for their kind thoughts and negative for making us strong.

Good Morning & have a nice day…..

Passion is important

20 june

In life who ever does something for the sake of doing is called a mediocre . All the people who have achieved greatness in anything , they worked with passion. When Steve job use to work he usually slept in office as he would not care about office hours. When Muhammad Ali used to train,  he never stopped until he got what he wanted.

It is really important. Dream is what gets you started and passion is what keeps you going. you need need to select what you need to do and then give it all you have, you will be amazed by the result.

Good Morning & Have a nice day….

Make your Day Count


Jun 13

Each day is important day in your life. we have to try and make our day count. The most important thing that we can give to anyone is time. we have to make this time count,we have to make everyday count. what we do today  is like sowing something for the future. Of we do something good it will have impact on our future. If we waste a day it is out of our life and cannot be returned.


we have to look how we spend our time, who we are spending it with. Try to make 3-5 small wins each day. Avoid negative people and avoid unnecessary meetings.

Good Morning & Have a nice day….

Harwork Beats Talent

3 Jun

we all have heard the story of Hare and the tortoise . At the end of the story the tortoise wins the race due to his hard work although the Hare has God gifted talent but laziness takes the talent to become useless.

whenever we see our surroundings we will see many people who are successful due to hard work. If you have the talent and also work hard then you are perfect but if you don’t have talent you can beat the talent by your handwork.

I have never seen a successful person with the easy past. all the things that occur in our life make us ready , whoever stands tall and works hard without complains will be successful at the end.


Good Morning & Have Nice day…

You run the day else the day runs you :)

5th June

The most important thing what we can give to anyone is Time but unfortunately most of us waste most of it. The point is the clock is ticking,  most of us waste half of our life by sleeping and the rest half  just waiting when the work will end.

All the successful people wake up 5 AM in the morning and they are ahead of the world two hours at least, same happens when they sleep late and make each hour count towards the success.

we need to realize either we run the day or the day runs us. The choice is ours at least mark 5 small things completed before you sleep in order to succeed. read few pages of a book and improve your self from yesterday.

Good Morning and have a nice day…..

Surround yourself with positive people

1st June

You are unique, you have gifted powers from God. Once you make a plan and watch it everyday, your mind starts thinking about making it a reality. In this charged mode if the people around you are negative or have never achieved anything big, the only support they can do is to push you in the negative mode.this will affect your mind and your goal ultimately.

So the idea is to surround yourself who have achieved big goals than yours or they are at least positive and support you, encourage you to get what you are after. If you can find a mentor or coach who can help you its the ultimate but if you cannot find some positive friends and be with them so they feed your mind with the wealth of positive ideas.

Good Morning & Have Nice Day…

Focus on whats coming

28 May

Our life is beautiful but sometimes hard days do come. we should be thankful & humble for the day whats in our favor and stay tall when it is not.

If the past has been hard it doesn’t mean that our future is not bright. we have to stay hopeful as God has always given us what is best for us and if we stay thankful its going to multiply.

Good morning and Have a nice day….:)

Don’t wish it was easier , wish you were better

26 May 16


I am starting today’s post by the quote of Jim Rohn. “Dont wish it was easier , wish you were better”.

Usually when we start a new job, new activity, new business, new venture or a new relationship it is very hard. As they say every master was once a beginner. we feel hard in each and every step. there are two ways to cope with it either you forget everything and run or you face everything and be strong.

Usually the people leave their part and run as this is the easy part. Its always easy to leave something. The hard part is to persist with difficult situations and stand tall, come out victorious from challenges.Each difficult things make you strong. you become a strong person.

Wish a wonderful day…….


5 steps to achieve your goal

24th May

Everything starts with ambition, you think of something, you dream of something and then it starts.

  1. The first step of everything is to dream about it.

  2. Then you write it down as a goal.

  3. Third step is write it in a visible place so it is in front of your eyes.

  4. Fourth step is to  make a plan to achieve it.

  5. Fifth step is follow the plan and gradually monitor it so your dream becomes reality.

    These five steps , just follow and get your dreams turn into reality.