The Lizard Brain & the Genius Fight

I got this concept from Seth Godin book linchpin. It described that we have two portion of our brain one is the called the lizard brain. this part of brain actually tells us to do things that are safe. It tells us to do things that are routine , every one is doing it with out any harm. If we are driving it will always tell us the road that we know.
On the other hand the second part of our brain is called the daemon. The demon is Greek work and it means genius . This part of brain brings the creativity. It always pushes you to go out of the way. Think out of the box. Do things that are different . It tries to make you different from the other people. If you are driving it will always tell you to follow a new route and explore new things.

When we are thinking to do something these two have a fight with each other and the lizard brain will always push you towards the routine tasks and the genius will push you to different. If things go well the genius is happy and it becomes more powerful. It comes out with more ideas. Abut the ideas Seth says that if someone tells me that he or she does not have any good ideas to do something you have to ask that do you have any bad ideas to do that things. The concept is that let the bad ideas come through and a good idea will slip through .
On the other hand if we thought something different followed our genius mind and something went wrong the lizard brain is in the powerful state. It tells you that I told you not to do anything new.

In order for us to grow we need to give more power to our genius to do new things. There is always resistance against the genius mind but we have to let it overcome.

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