Outliers – The story of success by Melcom Gladwell

Last week I read the book Outliers by Malcolm Glad well. I liked this book  pretty much. It describes how the people become outliers in their field. It guides with examples and proves a point that how people shaped into an outlier when they got opportunities.

  • It starts with Bill Joy how he was able to get 10,000 hours of experience and became the best.
  • It talks about bill gates how he was lucky enough to spend this much time programming on computers and became an outlier.
  • It discusses  the research that was conducted on people with brilliant IQ kids but they could not perform as outliers .
  • It shows that right opportunities to the right people at right time made them as outlier.
  • The kids with IQ more than Ian Stein was not successful so its not what you are born with but when you have the guts and you get the right opportunities.

I came to understanding that you should develop the right attitude and then opportunities come your way and you recognize them and take advantage to become what you want to be.

The first thing is over coming your resistance that is inside you that tells don’t do this. you don’t have any good ideas to do it. Well the answer is then you don’t have any bad idea as well. if you let your bad ideas come out then you will see some good ideas will slip through as well.

Will try to post more often, does not matter if I am the only one reading it ).


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